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Report on Genderthoughts meeting LInc 2001

Orla Egan Trans Meeting Linc 2001.jpg

Orla Egan's article on a seminar in Linc (Cork's lesbian and bisexual community centre) in 2001 called Genderthoughts.
The seminar was addressed by…

Orla Egan interview with Dave Fanning 2FM Radio

RTE 2FM Orla Egan Dave Fanning Feb 2021.mp3

Orla Egan interviewed by Dave Fanning on RTE 2FM Radio Station about the Cork LGBT Archive, the history of the Cork LGBT community, HIV/AIDS and the…

Helen Slattery renovation Other Place LGBT Centre Cork

Helen Slattery.jpg

Helen Slattery, Cork Lesbian Activist, in a skip while participating in the renovation of the Other Place LGBT Community Centre in Cork. The building…